Friday, March 11, 2011

Why Does Everyone Seem To Hate Android? (Rant)

     Do you remember back to the days of the T-Mobile G1? The iPhone was still completely untouched in the market, and Android tried to stop its evil reign. While I wouldn't call its launch a failure, I wouldn't call it wildly successful either. Android brought the things people (nerds) truly wanted. It had an app store, multitasking, and openness. Android may have brought the goods, but it was ugly, slow, and downright complicated when compared to iPhone simplicity. Fast forward a few years and we have Honeycomb, but some bloggers still say the same things about Android.
     I was reading through Tech Crunch the other day when I came upon an article about why the iPad is still better than the XOOM. It was all about the software present in the XOOM. One reading it would think that Honeycomb is bunk, but it isn't. Honeycomb is far better than any previous version of Android ever was or will be. The author of the article was obviously a huge fan of Apple with very solid opinions. It seemed like he couldn't get past the sheer speed, elegance, and simplicity of iOS to notice any any downsides of his precious slate.

     Honeycomb has an awesome new UI that is simple while retaining the customizability that makes Android Android. The XOOM is lightning fast. The stuff in Honeycomb "they" were picking at were things like the occasional force close and slowing down if you are running too many apps. Those things are impossible to avoid unless you lock down the system and strip down a service until it only resembles its past. That is what Apple does. Multitasking isn't really multitasking on an iPad, and it is chained to the App Store.

     That isn't saying the iPad is a bad device. It's a magnificent device, but Honeycomb is also great and deserves the same amount of respect. Opinions are fine in the blogosphere, but you can't make these incredibly bias opinions and call it journalism.


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