Saturday, March 19, 2011

Is The Adam's Slight Buzzing A Widespread Issue?

     There have been many reports lately of a small buzzing sound coming from people's Adams. It isn't a problem until you try to record something using the built in mic. The mic must be great, because it picks up this buzzing even though the sound seems to be coming from the opposite end of the device. Some users have questioned that it may be the screen causing the noise.  The only thing that makes me think the problem isn't affecting everybody is that I remember someone saying the microphone was excellent. It is most certainly not excellent with all of the noise. You can hear the noise in the video below. My LCD Adam has the noise. Do any of you Pixel Qi owners have the same issue?

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  1. Hello,
    I get the exact same noise in my LCD WiFi/3G Adam. I ordered it through the second round of preorders. Apart from this flaw, I love the device.

    Thank you for posting it. Hope they can resolve it (through software for just sound and video recording). I understand this may be a HW issue that may be difficult to fix.

    Thank you.


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