Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Five Reasons To Root/ROM Your Notion Ink Adam

     The Adam is great isn't it? The biggest way to improve on any Android device is to give a little root to set it free. In a recent interview with Notion Ink Hacks, Rohan said that he encourages users to hack their Adams, and he has even done it himself. If there was any doubt that you should adventure into the journey of ROM's, here is a list of five big  reasons why you should.
     1. Root Access
This may seem like a no brainer to the seasoned and even the occasional Android user, but it is quite a good reason. You could get apps like SetCPU to underclock the Tegra to conserve battery. Your backups will go much deeper with a root backup such as MyBackup Root. There countless other apps on the market that require root access if you just look for them.
     2. Android Market
As I noted in my initial impressions, the Android Market, or lack thereof, is the biggest flaw of the stock Eden UI. With any ROM use you, even if it is just the basic root, you will get Market access. Once you have that access, you will have over 150,000 apps at your fingertips ready to download without going to the extra trouble of side-loading.
     3. Ad-hoc
Ad-hoc will only affect a small number of users, but I still do not know why it was left out in the stock build. For the wifi only Adams it allows the tablet to be linked to a hotspot created by a phone or other devices.
     4. Home Screen Replacement
I like Android, and part of that comes from the awesome home screens that give us widgets, live wallpapers, and an amazing amount of customization. The default Eden home screen gives us none of that. Now you should know that home screen replacements don't require root of any kind. Edenx gives you this nice home switcher that easily allows you to switch between your replacement and Eden so that you don't lose the awesome panels that make your Adam a Notion Ink product. Alternatively, if you hate Eden for whatever reason, you can easily switch to a ROM like Utopia or Beast that provide the vanilla Froyo experience.
     5. It's Super Easy
The only way it could possibly be easier is if it was a one click solution. All you have to do for any of the of the ROM's is load the to your card and boot into recovery mode to apply the zip. Some of the ROMs require you to wipe the user data, but with apps like Titanium Backup who cares? To top it all of Rohan practically encourages it. Technically your warranty is void, but none have been canceled yet.

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