Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hacking is Just Better on Android

     Until recently, I had never experienced the simple joy of rooting an Android device. Jailbreaking my iPhone was extremely easy with greenpois0n, so I thought I would give it a go on my Adam. Granted, jailbreaking and rooting are two different things, but the general idea is the same for both.
     The process of rooting the Adam was even easier than that of jailbreaking the iPhone. All I had to do was download a zip file, throw it onto the SD, reboot into recovery mode, and select the from the list. With those easy steps I had the Market, ad-hoc, and root access. They breathed new life into my Adam, and it got its usability back. The benefits of rooting are only have of the story.

     When I booted into recovery mode on the Adam it reminded me of something that I haven't done in a while. Back to the days of Ubuntu (which was actually more like a few weeks ago) I had to into the BIOS frequently to boot from that handy ole' live CD to get where I was going. The recovery mode gives me a peek into the system. I learn a little bit about how it all works, and what makes it tick. I actually have control over my device. I get none of that feeling of power with iOS.

     With the recent adventure of installing Honeycomb on a Nook Color, I was able to completely wipe the internal memory. That felt good. Sure it's all risky, but that is where the learning comes into play. I actually know what's going on. With greenpois0n, all I witnessed was the code streaming down the iPhone screen while I sat idle wait for it to finish. What does this all amount to? This is just another reason why I'll be ditching my iPhone, and also why I'll never buy an iPad.

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