Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bug Report: Eden Browser

    Notion Ink bragged about their browser so much. I wouldn't say they lied, but the browser is half baked. I have compiled a little list of improvements the Browser needs to have below.
    Tab switching is a little confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it it is pretty good. I rarely use the tabs because tab switching causes the browser to crash about on out of every four times. That's annoying, and you lose everything you had open.
     Pinch zooming is slow because it unnecessarily pre-renders everything. A very confusing aspect about the zooming is that pinching only works in one direction. To zoom you have to pinch horizontally; vertically doesn't work. It's a very odd gesture hole.
     And now the last of my complaints. The address bar makes it difficult to simply search for something. You can't enter in a URL until the current webpage is done loading. The address bar has no "googling" functionality. When you type in a search term, it just says webpage cannot be found. Also, the hardware search button does nothing in the browser. To search for something you have to open a new tab (usually crashing the browser) and go to Google.

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