Wednesday, March 2, 2011

iPad 2 vs. Adam

     Here is the day we've been waiting for. The iPad finally gets a successor to compete with the new generation of Android tablets that are bursting onto the scene. The new iPad has cameras, a dual-core processor, and more, but how does it compare to the Adam?
     The new dual-core should match up to the Adam's fairly well. The screen on the iPad hasn't changed, but it is still better. The cameras on the iPad are still somewhat of a mystery. The front facing camera shoots video at a low VGA resolution, while the back camera shoots video at 720p. Apple said nothing about the resolution of the still shots other than the 5x digital zoom on the back. My guess is that, just like the iPod Touch, the resolution is so low they are ashamed of it. The Adam's camera is theoretically better at 3.2mp, but the still are pretty grainy. I think it is safe to say the the cameras are mediocre on both tablets, but the iPad's doesn't swivel.

     Another mystery represented to us today was the lack of information about the RAM. The first gen iPad has 256MB of it, and it reported that the iPad 2 is either the same or double. Any way you slice it, the Adam has more RAM at 1GB. That may not matter when you consider the frugality of  iOS.

     Somehow, the iPad managed to pack everything into a shell that is only 8.xmm thick. The iPad flatout wins in the size department, but the curve on the Adam is still a nice grip. The speaker of the iPad has moved to the back of the device. The Adam's speaker is practically unbeatable with its superb sound and stereo arrangement.

    The differences in the OS's is completely a matter of opinion. It being an opinion, I will let you decide which one is better. The software is what truly defines a tablet, and Eden will get better with time. One thing the iPad has over the Adam is popularity. Apple has the ability to produce that Notion Ink will likely never have.  

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