Friday, March 25, 2011

How To Reduce Lag On Your Adam

     My initial reaction to the Adam's stock software was, "This is slow; really slow; like original Droid slow." The overall lag on the system floored me mainly because of the Tegra II that lies within. It has the capability of being a lightning tablet, but Eden holds it back. Part of the reason behind this is Eden's utilization of the cores. Only one  core is active until more than 500 MHz is needed. Eden itself is also over complicated which drags down everything. While this may save battery life to an extent, it mainly destroys the user experience. Today I will show you various ways to reduce the lag and drag on your Adam to make life easier.
Replace The Home Screen
      Unless you absolutely love the Eden home screen in all of its paneled glory, you will most likely want to replace it. The panels are not at all smooth. When dragging the panels across it can feel like watching a slideshow at times. There are many replacement options like ADW EX or Launcher Pro, and none of them require root. If you would like to go back to Eden every once and a while, the Edenx ROM comes with a built in home switcher to jump back and forth.

Replace The Eden Browser
     The default browser has a lot of potential, but the scrolling/zooming isn't smooth, it has a tendency to crash, and there isn't an easy way to search for something. Getting another browser isn't as easy as it might sound, because most of the alternative browsers are built for phones. There is, however, one browser that is tablet ready and that browser is Opera. As you might already know, it comes in a mini and a mobile version. The mini is much faster because it renders in Opera's servers and lacks flash, so I use the mobile version. A demonstration is coming soon.

ROM it With The Beast
     If Eden isn't your cup o' tea, and you just want vanilla frozen yogurt, I would definitely recommend the Beast ROM. The Beast ROM is a vanilla ROM that has a quadrant score at almost three thousand. It is lightning. You can find it at Notion Ink Hacks under the hacks forum.

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