Saturday, March 26, 2011

Opera Mobile 11 on Notion Ink Adam (Video)

    The Eden browser left much to be desired, but until now there haven't been any alternatives that were suited to the tablet. Opera does that and much more. Actions are all fast, and menus appear in a window instead of the full page. Also included as a bonus is the Honeycomb boot animation. Have a look for yourself.


  1. Hi Robert, im actually curious how you installed mobile. I looked for it and seem only have access to the mini version. On the opera site opera says that adam is not compatible??? How can I get the mini apk?THANKS

  2. Are you using Edenx or some stock-based ROM? If so, it won't show up in the market because it runs a bit glitchy on stock-based ROMs. Opera Mobile didn't show up in the market for me until I switched to the Beast ROM. I just did search for the apk on a file sharing site like Just download and install it from there.


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