Monday, March 21, 2011

Don't Hold Your Breath For A Honeycomb Update On Your Adam Just Yet

     A top reason why I favored the Adam over other tablets is Notion Ink's fight to make the Adam future proof. Way back in August when everybody thought Gingerbread was going to be the tablet specific version of Android, Rohan made a pledge to give the tablet an update. The Adam was designed with the future in mind. As it turned out, Gingerbread was just another phone software upgrade. With Honeycomb coming shortly after, Notion Ink made the decision to skip Gingerbread all together so they could focus on the real prize, Honeycomb.
     Honeycomb has a vastly different UI than previous versions of Android. One of the drawbacks of this is it makes it harder to skin Eden over something so perfect. The coding for this could take a very long time, and that's okay with me. As long as it takes to make it as good as possible. I don't to get a Honeycomb update that is just as bad as Froyo with Eden is now. Even if it takes two months time, they will still be faster than most manufacturers out there. Froyo was released in July of last year, and the Samsung Epic 4G is just now receiving it officially.

     Don't be surprised if the official Honeycomb does take months. With Honeycomb we will be getting the Genesis store along with the Genesis SDK. That is when all of the fun will start folks. Until then, Rohan has mentioned a major update in the next few weeks. While it won't be Honeycomb, it will probably bring the weather, music, and various other apps.

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