Monday, February 7, 2011

The Mac App Store - A Good Idea or The Beginning of The End?

    It is old news by now that the Mac App Store was released at the beginning of the year. It is a good idea to have several nice pieces of software available in one place for you to browse at your own free will. Ubuntu has been doing it for years, and Microsoft will probably have one of their own when Windows 8 comes rolling around. What worries me is the chance of  Apple trying to iOS-ify their Mac Store.
     Apple has a bad rap when it comes to the iOS app store being locked down. They control it with an iron fist. One of the main resons I like Android is because they don't lock down the phone to only what they want you to have. Right now a mac can get an app wherever the user pleases. If this changes, I will never buy a mac. If I have to get a mac app from the mac app store than Apple has gone too far. 
    A Mac is a full-size computer, and you should be able to to what you want with it. Anything else should be against the law. A lock-down is only a little bit more excusable on a smartphone. The Mac App Store is restricted to its iOS counterpart's standards, but I have other choices. The internet is at my disposal. Should Apple make the Mac App Store the only choice for apps... they will have committed suicide.

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