Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Dual-Screen Phone... Really?

    For the first time I don't know what to think of this. I don't have a clue how people are going to react to this odd, shape-shifting wonder. The Kyocera Echo was released yesterday. It has two 3.5" screens that fold on top of each other, fold out to make a pseudo tablet, or make a tiny Toshiba Libretto style laptop. At its core, it has a 1Ghz Snapdragon and 1GB RAM. No front-facing camera or 4G for this thing.
     To have the honor of the first dual-screen phone, I would expect a lot more from it. The Evo was well worth the honor of the first 4G phone. According to a few hand-on demos, it isn't as fast as it should be. This phone needs some dual-core, video-calling, 4G love. The "tablet mode" that you see above puts the full size at 4.7". That makes it barely bigger than the Samsung Infuse. They should have made the individual screens bigger the iPhone size. 
     That screen break in the middle would throw me off. While most apps would be viewed across both screens, some cam have different functionalities for both screens or you can run two apps at once. Running two apps needs that dual-core. Give it some better specs, bigger screens, and a manufacturer (HTC preferably) that will give it OS updates past froyo and I might consider buying it.

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