Wednesday, February 9, 2011

HP Announces New Web OS Line-Up

    HP bought Palm, but the only thing about Palm that's dead is the Palm branding. Today saw the unveil of three new Web OS devices; the HP Veer, HP Touchpad, and the HP Pre3. The HP Veer and Pre3 are the new smartphone entries, while the Touchpad is the much anticipated tablet. Specs after the break.
     Let's start with the HP Veer. The Veer is one of the tiniest smartphones available with a 2.6" screen and full portrait Qwerty. WebOS 2.2 runs its tiny heart which is also powered by an 800mhz processor. Hp said that it's aimed at bridging the gap between feature phone and smartphone. It has a nice amount of 8GB of storage, a 5 MP camera, and that speedy HSPA+ that everyone's been talking about.

     The next entrant is the Pre3. It's obviously a successor to the Pre and Pre2. Powering its WebOS 2.2 is a beastly 1.4Ghz processor. The screen got a boost to 3.6" and a resolution of 800x480. Like the Veer, it has a 5 MP camera at the rear, but unlike the Veer, it shorts a VGA camera up front. Aside from 8/16GB of storage, the other specs are mostly the same as the other WebOS devices on offer.

     Last, but not least, is the HP Touchpad. We have been waiting so long for this worthy iPad rival to appear. A 1.2 Ghz processor powers the WebOS 3.0. Oddly, there is no rear-facing camera; only the front-facing VGA camera. Along with these devices HP also said that WebOS would soon be coming to printers and PC's. Palm (or HP) is back from the dead.  

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