Friday, February 25, 2011

Adam Initial Impressions... The Good Side of the Story

     Yesterday I told you about most of the bad things I have noticed so far, and now it's time to point out the good before somebody picks up the bad to use against Notion Ink.
     The apps that Notion Ink has designed are quite fantastic. Two of my favorites are Mail'd and Sniffer. They really utilize the panel system to its full extent. They don't use the back button like other Android apps would. Instead, they use backwards swipes to navigate back to the point of origin. The Calendar app should also be mentioned as one of the stand out apps. Three apps that have yet to arrive are the amazing looking weather app, the specialized music app (it currently has the stock Android music app), and the Genesis store.

     I thought that the panel system would come in handy, but ti hasn't for me. I usually find myself reaching for the menu button to launch the full app. I can see where it be of use, but it just hasn't found its way into my needs yet. The "alpha panel" is extremely useful. It is the center for music, mail, facebook (oddly), and the recent apps. A tap on the top of the Alpha panel brings the panels down to reveal a list of apps that, sadly, aren't rearrangeable. The panel system is nice, but apps have to be written for the Adam to utilize the panel system. I have already written what I want to see from the panels here.
     One of the most useful parts of the tablet is the inclusion of USB ports and sniffer. I have control of what is on my tablet. I have used a flash drive several times to transfer apk's and songs. This is one thing that the Adam has that is above all other tablets on the market right now. Right along with the USB ports is the full HDMI port on the side. Angry Birds never looked so good. The Adam will be in awesome standing if they can just fix the software problems I discussed here.

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