Monday, February 21, 2011

Is Google Trying to Make Chrome Slightly More Annoying?

     I love Google Chrome, and I don't think there is a feature that I haven't used at one point in time. Three of the most important and best features of Chrome are the omnibar, the tabs, and the extensions in order of importance. Firefox has the tabs and extensions, but Chrome excels at it. The omnibar of Chrome is the big standout feature that adds an entirely new level of usefulness. This new idea suggests that Google is thinking about giving the omnibar an auto-hide feature.
     The reason for this nonsense is to save the space. Chrome is already good at saving space, but that apparently isn't good enough. Having to mouse-over everytime I want to use the omnibar (which is constantly) could get annoying fast. The linux version of Chrome requires you to triple click to select all in the omnibar. Could this be one of those annoying feature? They can hide my address bar, but my bookmarks bar stays!

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